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Campaign Highlights & Happenings 11/25/19

Governor Bill Weld

Governor Weld has been busy campaigning this week!

If you missed all the coverage, or want to know where Bill will be next, read on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We at Team Weld are thankful for you, our supporters, and for the opportunity to reclaim our country.

Ballot Access: We are officially on the ballot in FOUR states and counting!

On November 22nd, Governor Weld filed his Candidate Oath with the Republican Party of Florida. He met all of the filing requirements and we expect the Florida Secretary of State to announce Florida’s qualified candidate’s no later than December 3rd. Additionally, Governor Weld submitted his Proof of Candidate Form in California and submitted his written request to appear on Georgia’s ballot – so we will keep you posted on those two states. Our ballot access team is diligently working to get on all of the remaining ballots, and we will keep you updated on our progress!

In the News: A Few of This Week’s Stories

Northeastern News: A long-shot Republican presidential candidate sees a path to the party convention. He’s not dreaming.

“If the ongoing impeachment inquiry were to result in the early departure of President Donald Trump, how would his absence affect the 2020 election? In that unlikely event, who would be the replacement Republican candidate?”

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Watch the event here:

Dallas News: Weld is the GOP answer

“In 2016, all the “talking heads” predicted that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump. They were wrong. In 2019, all the “talking heads” predict that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee. Again, they are wrong.”

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WMUR-TV: Close Up: Bill Weld believes impeachment helps his GOP primary campaign.

Watch Video Here

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