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‘Everyone is exhausted by this president’: Bill Weld on why he’s challenging Donald Trump

Original article published on MarketWatch by Robert Schroeder ( available here

Bill Weld, who’s challenging President Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, attends a “Vote Common Good” event in Manchester, N.H.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Bill Weld has qualified praise for Donald Trump’s tax law, and says the president is free to point to stock-market SPX, -1.05% conditions as he seeks a second term. But, says the former Massachusetts governor, who’s challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, there’s one major problem: ‘Everyone is exhausted by this president.’ - Bill Weld

Weld, in comments to MarketWatch at a Manchester, N.H., diner, said Trump has made “a hash of things internationally,” exploded the budget deficit, and won’t “come to grips” with the threats of polar-ice-cap melting and rising sea levels. “He has one word for that, which is ‘hoax,’ ” says Weld.

Weld drew just north of 1% at Iowa’s Republican caucuses, about the same as former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, who has since quit the GOP primary.

Now see: ‘I would rather have a socialist in the White House than Donald Trump,’ says Republican Joe Walsh.

Trump called Weld and Walsh “nonpeople” in his celebratory remarks after being acquitted in his impeachment trial. But Weld was actively campaigning ahead of New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday, and showed no sign of dropping his long-shot candidacy.

“I think it’s the duty of Americans in a position to do so to plant a flag,” he says. “I’m somewhat surprised that more people haven’t planted a flag,” he adds. “But it doesn’t influence my behavior.”

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