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Gov. Bill Weld Answers RNC Chair’s Question

Boston I am not surprised to learn that Robert Mueller notified AG Barr that his 4-page letter to Congress mischaracterized “the context, nature, and substance” of the report.  The second volume of the special counsel’s report clearly laid out the case for multiple occasions of obstruction of justice by the President.AG Barr has erred in both his opinion that the President could not be indicted and in his clear attempt to frame a narrative that favors and protects the President.
The 2000 opinion by the Office of Legal Counsel, whose job description is to give advice to the President personally, did not take into consideration that the U.S. Constitution says that a President remains liable to indictment, prosecution and punishment after he leaves office.This Constitutional provision would be rendered meaningless if a President could totally and permanently escape indictment simply by being re-elected, which would allow him to coast past the five-year statute of limitations for federal crimes.It almost seems that the Attorney General took insufficient account of the unanimous 1974 decision of the United States Supreme Court in United States vs. Nixon, holding that the President of the United States is not above the law.
No man is above the law.  Our nation is built on the principle that we are all equal before Lady Justice, including the President of the United States. 
Given the evidence laid out by Mr. Mueller, had I been in his place, I would have pursued an indictment of the President of the United States for obstruction of Justice.


Governor Weld has an unblemished record of public service. In addition to seven years in the Department of Justice, he served two terms as Governor in Massachusetts, where he was reelected by the largest margin in state history. He cut taxes 21 times, never raised them, balanced the budget, and oversaw six upgrades in the state’s bond rating. He signed landmark welfare reform, established public education standards, and was a trailblazer as an early proponent for LGBT civil rights. Governor Weld was ranked the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country by the Cato Institute and the Wall Street Journal. He and his wife, Leslie, live in Canton, MA. Between them, they have eight children and eight grandchildren.

He and his wife, Leslie, live in Canton, MA. Between them, they have eight children and eight grandchildren.


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