Video: Live Forum with Trump Challenger Bill Weld


John Gregg, Valley News editor host a presidential candidate forum with Republican Bill Weld 3 p.m. Saturday, May 11 in White River Junction at Hartford High School.

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Video: Bill Weld on CNN: "Trump would rather be a king than a president"


“The President wants to be reappointed,” GOP presidential hopeful @GovBillWeld says about Pres. Trump and the 2020 election.

“He looks like he would rather be a king than a president who had to work to earn and preserve the trust of the American people”

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Video: Bill Weld with Christiane Amanpour


Meet the GOP challenger taking on Trump

Former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld tells Christiane Amanpour why he thinks he can beat the president in the Republican primaries.

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Press Release: Governor Bill Weld heads to New Hampshire this Weekend

Boston, MA Governor Bill Weld will be touring diners in Western New Hampshire on Saturday, May 11th, followed by a Town Hall in White River, Vermont. “As a native of neighboring Massachusetts, I know that New Hampshire voters pick Presidents and they want to get up close and personal with their candidates,” said Weld. “I look forward to meeting Republican primary voters and explaining why we need honorable, Reaganesque leadership in the White House.”

This tour is Weld’s first visit to Western New Hampshire during the 2020 campaign. Governor Weld will discuss Donald Trump’s continued Nixonian lawlessness. He also looks forward to explaining his positive vision for an inclusive Republican Party that takes on the real challenges facing America.

All events are open press.

Saturday, May 11th

Diner Tour

11:00 AM: The Lebanon Diner
24 Hanover Street
Lebanon, NH 03766

11:45 AM: Shyrl’s Diner
31 Main Street
West Lebanon, NH 03784

12:30 PM: Four Aces Diner
23 Bridge Street
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Town Hall hosted by Vermont Digger and the Lebanon Valley News

3:00 PM: Hartford High School Gymnasium
37 Highland Avenue
White River Junction, VT

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Press Release: Gov. Bill Weld Answers RNC Chair’s Question About Why Any Republican Would Run Against “This Guy”

Boston I am not surprised to learn that Robert Mueller notified AG Barr that his 4-page letter to Congress mischaracterized “the context, nature, and substance” of the report.  The second volume of the special counsel’s report clearly laid out the case for multiple occasions of obstruction of justice by the President.AG Barr has erred in both his opinion that the President could not be indicted and in his clear attempt to frame a narrative that favors and protects the President.
The 2000 opinion by the Office of Legal Counsel, whose job description is to give advice to the President personally, did not take into consideration that the U.S. Constitution says that a President remains liable to indictment, prosecution and punishment after he leaves office.This Constitutional provision would be rendered meaningless if a President could totally and permanently escape indictment simply by being re-elected, which would allow him to coast past the five-year statute of limitations for federal crimes.It almost seems that the Attorney General took insufficient account of the unanimous 1974 decision of the United States Supreme Court in United States vs. Nixon, holding that the President of the United States is notabove the law.
No man is above the law.  Our nation is built on the principle that we are all equal before Lady Justice, including the President of the United States. 
Given the evidence laid out by Mr. Mueller, had I been in his place, I would have pursued an indictment of the President of the United States for obstruction of Justice.

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Video: S.E. Cupp and Bill Weld: "Weld could start Monday in the Oval Office"


Fmr. @GovBillWeld is running against Trump for the GOP 2020 nomination and tells @secupp he could “start Monday in the Oval Office.”

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Press Release: Bill Weld on Mueller Report: Donald Trump is a one-man crime wave

Boston, MA This morning, Republican Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts, Governor Bill Weld weighed in on the Mueller Report in an appearance on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle.

“This man is a one-man crime wave,” he said. “He instructed senior legal officials, senior national security, senior intelligence officials to lie, he actively sought out and suborned perjury. That is obstruction of justice and the President is fortunate that in substance Bob Mueller gave him a mulligan."

Governor Weld continued, “The House should have a full airing of everything that Mr. Mueller found...The last thing that Mr. Mueller said in the report was to charge the President you would need evidence of corrupt intent. What would be evidence of corrupt intent? Well, if the President tried to limit or stop investigation of him or his family to avoid embarrassment or criminal exposure, that would be massive evidence of criminal intent. Well, that’s exactly what the 60 previous pages of the report demonstrated.”

Bill Weld on Mueller Report: Donald Trump is a one-man crime wave

See the entire interview here

Bill Weld was appointed to the Department of Justice by President Ronald Reagan, where he served for seven years.

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Press Release: Governor Bill Weld Releases Statement on Mueller Report

"Confidence in our leaders and in our institutions is at the heart of our democracy. That confidence has been shaken.

"It is essential that Special Counsel Bob Mueller come before Congress and address the validity of his report that has been redacted and released. Is this the report he issued? Are these the conclusions to which he came or has the report been altered in any way? Was he pressured to remove or change anything?

"I resigned from the Justice Department in 1988 when I felt strongly that the actions of the Justice Department betrayed the confidence of the American people and threatened confidence in our institutions and rule of law. It is long past time for those in positions of authority to similarly stand up and take action. No American and no President is above the law and can attempt to obstruct justice without consequence.

"I have known Bob Mueller for over 30 years and I have every confidence in his ability and his integrity."

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'Great environmentalist' Weld dives into race against Trump

E&E NewsBill Weld. Photo credit: Keiki Hiromi/Polaris/Newscom

Fomer Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, seen here in a February file photo, wants to challenge President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. Keiki Hiromi/Polaris/Newscom

On a clear summer day in 1996, Massachusetts Gov. William Weld (R) signed the Rivers Protection Act, an aggressive environmental policy that put a development buffer around the state's rivers and creeks.

"For each new development anywhere along our riverbanks, this bill requires proof that the project will not harm the environment and that no feasible alternative exists," he said, standing in Boston next to the Charles River, which was improving from decades of industrial pollution but which still had a brown tint.

Weld, fully clothed, then celebrated by diving into the river behind him, followed shortly by state Sen. Robert Durand (D), who wrote the bill and shepherded it through the state Legislature as a key committee chairman.

"It actually surprised me that he went in, so I went in after him," Durand, who has since retired from elective office, recalled during a recent interview with E&E News.

This week, Weld took another dive, making official his long-shot candidacy in the 2020 presidential election as the only Republican challenging President Trump in the primary.

His swim in the Charles lives on as an example of his showmanship, a key quality if Weld hopes to have a chance against Trump, a real estate mogul and former reality television star.

But people who worked with Weld say diving into the river was also a sign of how seriously he takes environmental policies.

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Press Release: Governor Bill Weld Presents Remarks at World Affairs Council of New Hampshire

Boston, MA Governor Bill Weld will deliver an important foreign policy address at the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire titled “What Role Should America Play in the World Today?” Governor Weld will lay out a vision for a positive, unifying approach to America’s relationship with nations around the World.



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