Press Release: Governor Bill Weld Releases Statement on Mueller Report

"Confidence in our leaders and in our institutions is at the heart of our democracy. That confidence has been shaken.

"It is essential that Special Counsel Bob Mueller come before Congress and address the validity of his report that has been redacted and released. Is this the report he issued? Are these the conclusions to which he came or has the report been altered in any way? Was he pressured to remove or change anything?

"I resigned from the Justice Department in 1988 when I felt strongly that the actions of the Justice Department betrayed the confidence of the American people and threatened confidence in our institutions and rule of law. It is long past time for those in positions of authority to similarly stand up and take action. No American and no President is above the law and can attempt to obstruct justice without consequence.

"I have known Bob Mueller for over 30 years and I have every confidence in his ability and his integrity."

About Governor Bill Weld

Governor Weld has an unblemished record of public service. In addition to seven years in the Department of Justice, he served two terms as Governor in Massachusetts, where he was reelected by the largest margin in state history. He cut taxes 21 times, never raised them, balanced the budget, and oversaw six upgrades in the state’s bond rating. He signed landmark welfare reform, established public education standards, and was a trailblazer as an early proponent for LGBT civil rights. Governor Weld was ranked the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country by the Cato Institute and the Wall Street Journal.

He and his wife, Leslie, live in Canton, MA. Between them, they have eight children and eight grandchildren.