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Public Pulse: Spare the landfill; Republican silence; Do-over on Brexit; Property tax suggestion

Original opinion published on Omaha World-Herald in their Public Pulse section view full section for 9/13 here

Republican Silence

If Barack Obama were still in the presidency and had done one tenth the things Donald Trump has done, Republicans would have their impeachment knives sharpened. In fact, Obama would probably have been gone by now.

Most Republicans have remained silent about Trump’s appalling behavior, either enabling him by agreement or being intimidated by him, afraid of a primary challenger.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse used to be one of those brave voices of reason, denouncing Donald Trump’s appalling behavior. But now? Sasse is up for reelection next year, and like so many Republicans, appears to cares more about his own political future than doing the right thing for the country.

It is refreshing that at least a few Republicans, like Bill Weld, Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, are willing to stand on their own two feet and tell the public what they really think of a man who makes Richard Nixon seem like a choir boy.

They are challenging Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. They are not “the three stooges.”

Herb Vermaas, Salem, Ill.
former Omahan

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