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Texting With Bill Weld: “100% Democratic Rule” If Senate Republicans Listen To Trump

In The Stakes 2020, BuzzFeed News’ political newsletter, Bill Weld, who is challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, says Republicans are abandoning their duty to the Constitution and explains his weird Reese’s Pieces habit.

Original article published on BuzzFeed News by Ben Smith available here

This is an excerpt from The Stakes 2020, BuzzFeed News’ newsletter about what really matters in the 2020 campaign. You can sign up here.

Bill Weld has had a pretty amazing life in politics — he was a US attorney and senior Justice Department official under Reagan and then a successful, two-term governor of Massachusetts. He’s been in the political wilderness for the last 20 years, however, doing eccentric things like…running for the Republican nomination against Donald Trump. We talked about it via text message on Tuesday.

Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

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